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jyllands park zoo

Jyllands Park Zoo logo
Jyllands Park Zoo logo

Jyllands Park Zoo map
Jyllands Park Zoo map

Jyllands Zoo monkeys
Jyllands Zoo monkeys

Jyllands Zoo Nutria
Jyllands Zoo Nutria

Jyllands Zoo parrots
Jyllands Zoo parrots

Location: Haunstrupvej 13 6920 Videbęk, Denmark, Videbęk, Europe

Jyllands Park Zoo is a very recommanded place for fun when you go out with kids and family, or with friends.
Jyllands Park Zoo is a great place for kids and family to have fun. Kids can drive mini-cars, do merry-go-rounds or take a ride on train that travels through the park and much more. There are many places in the park to eat, like restaurants and barbeque places.
Dogs are allowed into the park, but in leash.
The park is handicap-friendly, with wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, handcarts available for rent.

Over 500 species from around the world can be found in the zoo, see more below:
Map guide:
Nr 1 Guinea pig
Nr 2 Monkey cave
Nr 3 Owls
Nr 4 Lions
Nr 5 Panthers
Nr 6 Seals
Nr 7 Meerkat
Nr 8 Sika deers
Nr 9 Bennet“s kangaroos, Emu
Nr 10 Alpaca
Nr 11 Mara, Nandu
Nr 12 Cameroon shee

Nr 13 Wading birds
Nr 14 Ring-tailed lemur, Cotton-top tamarin, Turtles
Nr 15 Parrots
Nr 16 Reindeer
Nr 17 Fallow deers
Nr 18 Prairie dogs
Nr 19 Servals
Nr 20 Bird house, Showing the snake
Nr 21 Meerkat
Nr 22 Playground
Nr 23 Pigtail monkeys
Nr 24 Various birds
Nr 25 Green guenons, Hussarmonkeys
Nr 26 Monkeyhouse, Reptiles, Crocodiles
Nr 27 Common squirrel monkey
Nr 28 Tables-benches
Nr 29 Amusement park
Nr 30 Train
Nr 31 Pony riding
Nr 32 Countryhouse with goats
Nr 33 Swamp beaver
Nr 34 Aviary
Nr 35 Yaks
Nr 36 Silky chicken
Nr 37 Humboldt pinguin
Nr 38 Donkeys
Nr 39 Dwarf otter
Nr 40 Lama
Nr 41 Zebras
Nr 42 Aviary
Nr 43 Giraffes
Nr 44 Ibis, Pelicans
Nr 45 Banded mongoose
Nr 46 Turtles
Nr 47 Caracal
Nr 48 Monkey island
Nr 49 Rabbit country
Nr 50 Giraffes, Zebras, Ostrichs
Nr 51 Nubian goats, Watusi
Nr 52 Dingo
Nr 53 Show area
Nr 54 Jump pillow
Nr 55 Tapir
Nr 56 Flamingos, Ducks
Nr 57 Barbecue places
Nr 58 Playground
Nr 59 Spotted hyena
Nr 60 Boats
Nr 61 Brown lemur

Website: www.jyllandsparkzoo.dk

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