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Amur leopard Marwell Zoo
Amur leopard Marwell Zoo

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Giraffe Marwell Zoo

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Cheetah Marwell Zoo

Bullfinch Marwell Zoo
Bullfinch Marwell Zoo

Location: Thompsons Lane, Colden Common, SO21 1JH, England, Winchester Hampshire, Europe

Enjoy spectacular views of our African Valley, a free road train to see wild life, or let children i play areas while you enjoy a drink in nature.
The Marwell Preservation Trust was initially established in 1972 to manage Marwell Zoological Park, a centre for the breeding and conservation of endangered species.
At Marwell Zoo park you can see gibbons, endangered Lowland Anoa - the world's smallest wild cattle, the Prevost's squirrel and the curious looking tree shrews, giraffes, porcupines, Colobus monkeys, bongo, buffalo, dazzling fish, lizards, and so much more.
In the Aridlands House and Desert Carnivores complex you can find:
* Sand Cats – who look deceptively like domestic cats and have furry pads on their feet for walking on hot sand.
* Addax – who can survive for a year without drinking water
* Dorcas Gazelles whose delicate legs and tiny hooves enable them to traverse rocky and mountai

nous terrain
* Dwarf Mongoose who live in termite mounds and burrows, eating anything which scuttles past

Penguins have their own space, as they live in nature, with rocky outcrop containing nesting tunnels, a stoney beach area, large pool, trees and shrubs.Underwater windows provide thrilling and entertaining views of the penguins as they “fly” through the water.

snow leopard Snow leopards are solitary cats from the Himalayan Mountains in Asia.Here you can see them in an are that mimic their natural habitat.
Wild tropical life can be see here, with green tree pythons, leaf-cutter ants, butterflies, marmosets and a bird-eating spider, a poisonous beaded lizard (one of only two poisonous species in the world), pacu in the pool and piranha in the aquarium.

Marwell opens every day (except Christmas and Boxing Day) at 10am.
Peak days - closing daily at 6pm.
Standard days - closing daily at 5pm. (Except 1-27 July now closing at 6pm!)
Off peak days - closing daily at 4pm.

Last entry is 90 mins before closing time. Closing time in winter is subject to weather conditions. Please allow approximately four to five hours for your visit.
Children aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
A map of the park can be find here

Marwell Wildlife is a charity dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and other natural resources, formerly known as the Marwell Preservation Trust. You can support Marwell zoo, by donations.

Tel.: +44 (0)1962 777407
Fax: +44 (0)1962 777511


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