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Zoo Chorzow

Zoo Chorzow main gate
Zoo Chorzow main gate

Location: Gen. George promenade Zietek 7 41-501, Poland, Chorzow, Europe

Silesian Zoological Garden or Zoo Chorzow opens daily at 9am, and close at 4pm in winter (from november till march), and close at 19pm in the rest of the year. In December, for Christmas Day, you'll better contact the zoo, to find zoo's program.

A Normal ticket cost like 12 z?.

At the zoo, you will find semi-aquatic enclosures, mini zoo, pony paddocks, Dinosaur Rock Valley (here you will see the reconstructed specimens of Mesozoic dinosaurs living in the area of Central Asia), Swan Pond with aviary birds and otters.

Animals you'll se here : pelicans, lemurs , antelopes, kob, elands, wildebeest brown, pony, kudu antelopes, sitatung, alpacas, deer, Indian elephants, brown bears, lions, bison, camels, sheep maned - arui, zebras, antylopami hairy armadillos, croco

diles, iguanas, giraffes, rhinos, African antelopes, snakes, owls, cheetahs, kangaroos, flightless emu, parrots, chinchillas, bats, ibises, pheasants, ostronosy, porcupines, gwanako.

Contact Zoo Chorzow by phone: 32 793 70 08

Website: www.zoo.silesia.pl

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