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Zoo Sao Paulo

Panthera onca
Panthera onca

Black lion tamarin
Black lion tamarin

Goose of Egypt
Goose of Egypt

Location: Avenida Miguel Stéfano, 4241 - Água Funda , Brasil, Sao Paulo, South America

The zoo is opened since 1958, and occupy an area of 824,529 m2.
3200 animals representing 102 species of mammals, 216 species of birds, 95 species of reptiles, 15 species of amphibians and 16 species of invertebrates have found their home here.
The zoo is open since 9:00 to 17:00 - Tuesday to Sunday.
At the zoo, you can see mammals (Black Lion Tamarin, Panthera onca, Orangutan, Coati, White Rhino, suricatta, Myrmecophaga tridactyla, Siberian tiger, Zebra de Grévy and so much more), reptiles, amphibians, invertebrats, birds.

Inside zoo, you can eat and have a drink to 2 coffee shops and 4 kiosks. Here you will find hot-dogs, pizza, hamburgers, snaks, and more. Vending machines all around inside the zoo offers cool drinks.

Transportation: you can arrive to the zoo by car, metro or bus. Inside the zoo, there is a large

car parking. Also, into the zoo, you can rent electric vehicles tot take a tour of the zoo.

More facilities:
Inside the zoo are health centers, and places for moms with babies. The zoo offer full security within the zoo, with patrols.

Sao Paulo zoo rules:
- pets are not allowed into the zoo;
- any equipment that make noise and can disturb animals are not allowed inside the zoo;
- don't make fire inside zoo (for picnic or whatever);
- don't run inside the zoo;
- don't make political or religious adversite;
- you need permission for comercial photos and filimig;

Contact Sao Paulo Zoo:
Phone: (11) 5073-0811
Fax: (11) 5058-0564

Website: www.zoologico.sp.gov.br

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